February 15th, 2014

So i have officially completed my first ever week long diet cleanse.

I hated it… I loved it. i loved the soup. I hated the stupidity of the schedule 1st day, eat all the fruits you want and as much miracle soup. Second day eat all the veggies you want and the soup. Thursday day fruits and veggies and soup, fourth day bannans milk and soup. And it got weirder and weirder.

I did not follow the diet exactly because it just did not give me enough calories or protein for working out. And it was kind of ‘dumb’ in my opinion, counter intuitive. NONSENSE. SO i used the soup recipe and ate as much of that as i wanted all week… but i added protein sources and nuts, peanut butter….ground lean beef, fried liver some beans…. pumpkin seeds, and smoothies made with Raw Fit High Protein for Weight Loss…. along with the veggies and some fruits.

I LOVED my version.

I LOVED the soup so much that I made a second batch for this following week and I am eating it… happily.

The miracle soup:

6 Large White onions
1 Large Green Cabbage
2 32 once cans of diced tomatoes
2 stalks of celery
a bag of baby carrots
1 box onion soup mix
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper

Cut all the items up in to small pieces, throw in the largest pot you have.

Cover with water
Add soup mix and spices.

Boil for 20 minutes.

Simmer for an hour or two…. till the veggies are soft but not mushy.

You now have enough for an entire week.

I would eat this when ever I hungry.

I added my protein source every day, which was cooked separately.

I ate a lot of nuts veggies and fruits all week.

I drank a lot of water.

I also worked out at the gym every day for 30 minutes.

Total weight lost when I stepped on the scale this Saturday? —-> 9 pounds.

In one week!

Try using vinegar in your bowl of soup. It went so well with the cabbage, it went so well with everything!

SO I pooped… that’s right… shit…crapped the bad stuck all up all inside of me…. left overs of a a few months of holiday splurges… I did a lot of pooping the first few days…

AND then I leveled off… and it all worked out just fine. SO screw 7 day cleanse and hello super soup that i can eat when i’m hungry in between meals or when I am board eating or work eating or internet needing a eating fix.

I can say today i feel really good, lighter…. cleaner….

SO -> With that cleanse a success now what.

I did a technology cleanse. I deleted my facebook and twitter. I think it might have been almost 2 years. I kept it so much longer than I normally do due to the fact of needing as many open doors to Ashley and her life as possible. Of course I got wrapped right back into the entire thing…and it was horrible. I endured… endured…endured the shittiness of certain aspects…

2 weeks ago i did ritual… intention…cleanse repel….

2 weeks latter i have accomplished… now what is next.

The house!

So I went on a cleaning spree today: Cleaned clutter piles, vacuumed, laundry, bathroom, garbage, dishes….


THEN I Cleaned MY BODY….

in a bath made special….

with warmed up unrefined coconut oil…heat…and wafting it’s delicate coconut scent….slowly pored into the running bath…

And i soaked my self…i did my spins…and water twirls. I did my heart beat listening….i did my water prayer…. I made a baking soda paste for my hair…i let it sit all goopy in my locks…i slid down into the water and let the baking soda mix with the bath water….


I am going to go clean my soul…

we are just about ready to meet back up with Josh at the dance flurry…

i’m going to go dance… i mean… i’m going to watch…and tap my feet…and try and learn some dancing things.

I do want to make these Pelmeni’s soon with in the next few days:

Pelmeni Russian Dumplings

I also want to try and make this soon:

Czech Liver Dumpling Soup

My valentines day was amazing…. We hit the dance flurry for the techno light contra dance…then we drove ourselves over to donna’s and stayed up till 4 am drinking beers and wiskey…talking and it was all good…and then it was cuddly…lots of cuddly….lots of josh and me.

I have so much more to share, but i have no time right now.

Up and coming in my life: A TRIP TO SEE ASHLEY….a girls night in her room where she will curl my hair.

Also i went to a photography group class on Fruit Splashes and Water droplets. Yep… i learned a lot. I learned a lot about my camera and manual aperture and shutter speed and various lighting sources….and i was not discouraged by those who knew more…i was encouraged…i told i could not leave till i did it…lol i wanted to back out, i was made to go first…OH THE STRAWBERRY falling into the cream. Can’t wait to get it on my computer and then get it on my site.

in the personal realm:

Also you know what i pulled 5 of swords, many times….and then i looked at myself and the card and the idiots and said quietly…. get over yourselves. :D and more to come in that realm.

Pippi went into her first heat. blood droplets all over the kitchen floor. how fun, more to come on Pippi and her next BIG thing….

THANK YOU DIVINE For emails from ADDISON and his updates on the bike trek.

Thanks for new friends…. old friends….


and i am traveling to Alabama soon to see baby rose. <3...

So yeah a lot more to come

Beautiful to watch:

Beautiful to listen to:

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